The egg donation business is booming

Eggs have been bought and traded because the fertility sector started. The business has become an open egg market, with regulation from the government. Agents and clinics are currently raising the costs paid for eggs and advertisements to bankrupt college girls with good looks and high test scores. Faculty newspaper classifieds and websites carry numerous egg donor advertisements. Website craigslist publishes 150 ads on a normal day. An internet search for egg donor on Google produces dozens of hyperlinks to advertisers. The advertisement is from a San Diego agent known as a perfect match and seeks women who are attractive, under the age of 29 and have sat scores over 1,300.

egg donation

Donors are women and eggs are most healthy. Obviously the pressure is on college students, since they are willing to donate and strapped for cash, and educated. Prospective egg donors must pass tests before practices allow their information to be released to parents. Donors take shots for about a month to stimulate egg production. Ten to 15 eggs are extracted using a needle in the donor’s anus, while under sedation, and combined to make an embryo that is later inserted into the mother’s womb.

As the practice is curtailed by nations, the use is becoming the industry’s last marketplace. Because it is illegal in their own country, or due to the wait for its therapy, which can be years 35, many couples are traveling to attainĀ Sweden Egg Donation infertility treatment. As an example, it is illegal to use IVF to pick the gender of a child in the United Kingdom, while using surrogate mothers is prohibited in Spain and France. In Spain, it is illegal to get a donated egg from a person you know, including a sister, while in Denmark it is illegal to get a donated egg from somebody you do not know. The cost of fertility treatment may also attract couples in the Ukraine Russia, India, and Greece.