Turning Australia Subclass 189 Visa into Permanent Residency

Sponsored to work in Australia on a temporary subclass 189 visa, and are looking for advice on getting permanent residency PR. Many know of ENS, or the Employer Nomination Scheme, but aren’t clear how they could use their 189 visa to acquire Prather Subclass 189- Business Long Stay – Standard Business Sponsorship visa is the most widely used program for companies to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

Subclass 189 visas can be legal for any nominated interval between one day and four decades, but aren’t, in themselves, a pathway to permanent residency PR. Australia sub class 189 visa can be utilized as a stepping stone by articulating under the Employer Nomination Scheme, which enables companies to sponsor employees that are foreign nationals. As permanent residents Of Australia, holders of ENS visa holders may.

  • work and reside in Australia on a permanent basis
  • research in Australia at university or school
  • access certain social security payments
  • be eligible for Australian citizenship
  • sponsor individuals for permanent residence

Sponsorship under the ENS requires: a qualified nominated a qualified sponsor position and a visa applicant. If a 189 employer meets the requirements to be an ENS sponsor, they can apply to host their subclass 189 employee allowing 189 holders to progress without the uncertainty and disruption of having to look for another sponsor to permanent residency. There are Obligations needed to be addressed by ENS patrons than by 189 sponsors, making the ENS choice a win-win situation for both parties. There are three ways where onshore applicants acquire permanent residency under the ENS. Firstly, people Possess prior to their ENS application are lodged at least three years and a skills assessment work experience in their job, are eligible to be sponsored.


The 3 year work requirement could be waived. Subclass 189 visa if they have worked in their occupation ahead of the ENS visa application for the two decades in Australia holders are able to apply for an ENS visa. The past twelve months must have been with the company sponsoring them beneath the ENS. An ENS visa can be applied for by them without having worked for two years on a 457, or obtaining skills evaluation. The Australian Department of Citizenship and Immigration has made no secret of its policy intention to move towards a position of analyzing migration applications on the grounds of requirement for the candidate’s abilities. It will become important for individuals migrating to think about their migration pathways strategically so that they are protected against any changes in policy or law.